It has been a few days since the Paris attacks and I would like to discuss a few of the issues that always seem to pop up after these events.

Peace Wall1

First and foremost is how blame shifts to a group.  What a few attackers have to do with the whole of Islam can be summed up in one word, Nothing.  These attacks have nothing to do with Muslims at all.  Just as school shootings in the USA have nothing to do with the Christians that are responsible.  I am glad to see my French brothers and sisters are not reacting in the same way as Americans did after 9/11.  Showing a strong front and not attacking Muslims at large is a wonderful reaction to see.  In a similar vain, I am depressed to see that a large portion of Americans seem able to blame President Obama for these attacks.  Saying his foreign policy is weak and allowed this to happened, as if reactions to policy are immediate.  The way I see it is that decisions made years ago, such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan lead to this.  The children of those killed by Americans in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts seek retribution.  An eye for an eye as they say.  And if we make the Middle East a parking lot as some chant we can look forward to more conflict in the future for our children.  I am not a politician and do not have any answers to fix these issues except that everyone should mind their own business and take care of their own issues at home, so let us move on.

Next is why the French government is catching blame for not being able to prevent these attacks. Terrorism is impossible to defend against. Neither home grown or foreign terrorism can be prevented. The best we can do is not piss people off and rebound strongly when a tragedy like this happens.  Done.

And finally I always have a strange feeling about how quickly suspects are found.  After 9/11 a passport was miraculously found of one of the terrorists and now one of the Paris terrorists has his passport on him.  Why do terrorists make their identification so easy?  Sometimes when I am overseas I forget to carry my passport with me and yet these people are supposed to be hiding who they are but always seem ready to show two forms of government identification.

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