Racist Response to Paris in the USA

Congratulations Americans on the expected racist reaction to Muslims.  Forgot that you live in a giant country with enough space for everybody, or claims to freedom of religion, or even that you are not dealing with a refugee crisis as Europe is.  Please continue with the threats and attacks on people in your area that have done nothing to harm you.

Let me offer another outlet for you hate. To your neighbors.  I’m sure they are members of some religion. Maybe a Christian responsible for a school shooting, or a Muslim responsible for the attacks in Paris, or a Buddhist killing Muslims in Myanmar.  Because we all know what one person does represents the beliefs of all.  Or perhaps your neigbor has dark hair, and so did Hitler, so go ahead and egg his house or attack him at night.  He is obviously evil and plotting to destroy your way of life.

Next comes the giving up of personal freedoms and allowing men with machine guns to be posted in conspicuous locations around the country in order to provide a fake feeling of security.  Then an invasion of the Middle East again in order to “get” the terrorists.  Sadly it seems that we never learn from the past.

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