Why I Hate All Religions Equally

First off, let me clarify what I mean but hating all religions.  I mean organized religion.  The Holy See and so on.  I have no issue whatsoever in believing that there is a higher being.  So with that foundation let me begin.

I wish someone could point out a single good dead an organized religious organization has done without an attached negative, for I cannot think of one.  I will use Christianity since it was what I was around growing up.  As a child I noticed that the kids going to church were no different than the children that did not.  They would hurt animals, smoke, drink, and all the other things children do, and they would hide it just the same as normal kids do.  So no difference there. Expect that the parents of the religious children always thought their kids were more righteous, sometimes not allowing them to be friends were children that didn’t go to church.  Jews are the worst about this.  They really make themselves outcasts by not associating with those of other faiths.

So a religious upbringing makes no difference on how good or bad a child is. Now let me discuss the scariest day of my life.  It was not being attacked and robbed in Moscow, or being spit on in Saudi Arabia for not being a Muslim, or even crashing my motorbike and being cm from having my head crushed by a car tire.  No, the scariest day of my life was attending an Easter celebration at a park in Poland.  At the moment the Bishop had thousands of people repeating what he said with an eerie silence between I understood how Nazi Germany could happen.  Blind following scares the hell out of me.

How about the church running soup kitchens and providing for the poor.  First off, I believe that soup kitchens are run by local leaders and not the church.  These people would be good citizens and try to help even without the church as cover.  Beyond this, the church is the one asking people to give what they can, making it sound like an option in the same way it is optional to tip at a restaurant.  Usually it is the poorest who give the most.  I cannot understand why this is but I can see the results. The poor stay poor or get poorer while the church is bathed in jewels, property, cash, and all ungodly things.

I could continue this rant for hours but it has all been said before.  If you believe in Jesus or Allah, great.  But don’t give your money or allegiance to a person or group.  The Vatican has enough solid gold statues, they don’t need the money you should use for your house payment or a piece of bread.  And Muslims don’t drink beer if you really believe Allah doesn’t want you to, but don’t go out and get drunk on vacation.  Follow YOUR beliefs, not what others TELL you your beliefs should be.

Lost my focus at the end there but it happens once I get started about religion.  I just cannot believe that this day in age we can still be told what to believe and how to act by organizations and people that don’t even come close to following what they preach.  “Do what I say and not what I do” is not an acceptable way to run a religion in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Why I Hate All Religions Equally

  1. You have raised good points. However, i would humbly suggest you to study religions before deriving a conclusion. Like in islam, there is nobconcept of donating money to religious leader or mosque. Instead, it is obligatory for all rich persons to distribute, each year, 2.5% of their excessive wealth to needy and poors. Excessive wealth means that money or vuables which remain in one’s possession for a year after spending of basic human needs like food, housing and education etc.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I always appreciate a good and informative conversation. I know a very little about Islam but I am familiar with the 2,5%. My complaint about Islam would be the cost of the mosques, which are a fortune in Saudi Arabia as well as other Muslim countries, which could be better spent on the people and the prayers be performed at home. I understand this is against what the practice is but that is my whole point about organized religion. I would also like to know how many rich Muslims follow the obligation. Do the Al-Saud’s donate 2.5% of their wealth or more each year?

      1. Thanks for your understanding. Truly speaking islam forbids DECORATING mosques or spending extensively on mosques. however in today’s world, due to advancement in technologies, a reasonable amount of money is spent on mosque facilites but that’s not bad. By facilities i mean fans, lighting, carpets and ACs. Otherwise mosques are fairly simple, just a big hall.
        Praying at home is permissible. In fact many people also pray at home but prayinf at mosque is recommended and there are reasons for it. Like gathering of neighbouring muslims at one place, bigger social circle, unity among muslims as regardless of social status all pray side by side etc.
        Regarding 2.5%, Im not sure about saud family but most of muslims pay it annually either directly to poors or deposit it to a dedicated fund of govt which further distribute it to needy , widows or deservings.

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