An Overview of Russia

I’ll get the good out of the way first since it is much shorter and easier.  That way we can focus on the true country.  The women are beautiful(I am inclined to the Slavic look), and Moscow and St. Petersburg are impressive.  Annnnd we are done with the positives.

Let us begin the drawbacks of Russia with Safety.  There is none.  In St. Petersburg I survived unscathed, which I attribute to a miracle.  In Moscow I was robbed twice even though I consider myself pretty observant.  I am pretty sure I was pick pocketed by the wind.  And in Chelyabinsk I was assaulted and robbed.  The only place in the world where I have actually gotten into a fist fight.

Weather?  We all know Russia is a bloody ice box so I can skip this.


How about appearance?  Russians are very proud of St.Petersburg.  I am not sure why.  It is ok but cities with canals never really impress me.  They stink and don’t add much to the looks(I’m staring hard at you Venice).  Peterhof is incredible in that normal Russia overdoing everything sort of way.  Pretty much a copy of the Palace of Versailles it is indeed impressive.  I don’t really have much memory of the city itself except of mosquitoes, a giant monument with huge chain links, and a uber ornate church.  Moscow’s only memorable parts are Red Square and the giganticness of the city when flying out of the airport.  Gray blocks of flats are far as the eye can see. Chelyabinsk is the real Russia.  An absolutely disgusting factory city.  There was no color.  Even the flowers in the park seem designed by Communists.

The difference between men and women was huge. Every guy I saw was drunk and just hanging out.  But the women were something else.  Every woman I met was educated, attractive, and nice.  I had a great time sightseeing with them.  One showed me all around St. Petersburg and one in Chelyabinsk. The father of one was a firefighter and she took me to meet him while he was working and he gave me some of his uniform.  A traditional winter hat and and firefighter jacket.  It was a great time.  I even dated one for a few years after meeting her in a St. Petersburg hotel.

But there is an issue with the people, and that is my next point.  Propaganda.  They are fed it hard and fast from birth.  I was amazed at this modern day of age with the internet that their views can be so, well…wrong.  The Motherland comes before everything and everyone.  Whose fault is it that the trams have holes rusted through the floor?  Surely not the governments.  It is the EU’s and Americas fault.  The amount of misinformation and persecuted feeling they have is incredible.  The Orthodox Church also plays a huge part.  They have a lot of power and control of the people.

So how would I sum up Russia? Very simply.  The worst country I have ever been to(And I have been to Saudi Arabia!).

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