Russian Warplane Shot Down

Why do people refuse to learn from history?

Let me explain what I mean.  Just a few hours ago a Russian fighter plane was shot down over the Turkish-Syrian border.

Could this have been foreseen?  Of course.  There are many examples of similar incidents happening. It has even happened to civilian airliners(See Korean Air flight 007).

Why did it happen?  Very simple.  One country was defending its territory.

Will it get worse?  Absolutely.

What we have here is a well known and dangerous situation.  Many different cultures and nations pursuing different agendas are operating in a small area.  Throw into the mix a terrorist organization that has the world on edge and we have a critical level of danger similar to the beginning of World War I.  Actually, let us look at World War I for comparison.

Europe was extremely nervous and distrusted its neighbors.   I believe we can fit this into the modern situation perfectly. Think West-Russia, West-Iran, West-Syria, Sunni-Shia, etc etc.  Everyone is scared and distrustful of everyone else.

An arms race.  Europe had an arms race to build the best killing machines and show them off as a deterrent(Which is an idiotic idea that we still believe in).  While that arms race has always continued we can say it is serious now between Russia and the USA since Russia wants to prove its power.

How about a grouping of nations in the name of self defense?  NATO, check.

Nationalism helped fuel World War I.  Do we have that now?  Of course.  IS is helping promote this and we are fueling it.  Just look at Americas reaction to the French attacks.  Lock the country down and keep Arabs out.  So we have Nationalism.

And since I mentioned IS how about the terrorist aspect.  Yup, here we also have a perfect connection.  A terrorist act actually set off the spark that started the war.  Could IS possibily be that spark.  If you don’t think so you have a truly serious sight problem.

So we have all the ingredients for a major conflict and it isn’t getting any better.  France is sending an aircraft carrier as well as more planes, America is sending special forces, Turkey is getting more involved, Russia is in deep as is Iran.  With so many different nations and cultures more incidents will happen.  IS will just fan the flames creating more nationalism, hated, and fear, and the world will get ugly.

I don’t want it to happen, but unlike most people, I read history books and think.

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