An Overview of Dubai

Dubai is the worst city I have ever been to.  Actually it ties with Kuwait City but I will get to them later and make them cry into their solid gold towels.

I know almost all of you will disagree with me and that is fine.  We are all different. I have only known three other people that hate Dubai as much as I do.



First a little background on my trips to Dubai.  I have been there over 20 times because it was the hub when I worked in Saudi Arabia, so I have quite a bit of experience with the area.  I have even spent a New Years Eve there.

My first judgement of a city is the natural beauty, and Dubai has zero.  Actually the whole Middle East has zero natural beauty.  I hate the color brown and love green so I am biased against the Middle East.  Just look out the window of your plane as you fly into the city.  Sand, sand, and more sand.  And then once you enter the city limits it gets worse because of my second hatred.  Fakeness.  It goes from nothing but sand to big beautiful houses with green gardens.  It doesn’t get more fake than that.  The amount of water they consume must be astronomical.


The airport is beautiful and efficient.  I have no complaints about the airport and enjoy flying through it.  But step outside the air conditioned building and prepare yourself for an oven.  Summer is a true bake off but year round it is hot.  I once rode in an air conditioned taxi and when I got out my glasses completely fogged over so that I couldn’t see due to the heat.  So everything is air conditioned, which glides me nicely into my next point.  The pollution.  The air in Dubai is disgusting.  There are multiple reasons for this.  One is that  it is naturally dirty due to the sand and high winds, then their is the legion of air conditioners, and then finally is the amount of cars and distances they travel.  Dubai is a gigantic city.  Forget any thoughts you have about popping down to the shop to get a liter of milk. No no no.  It will take you at leat five hours to drive to the nearest shop.  Want to see the palm island from the airport.  At least an hours drive on motorways with no traffic.  Add an hour or two if there is traffic.  It is terrible.


Next on my list is that there is nothing there to do unless you want to pay a fortune.  Want to drive a mini F-1 car?  Sure, you can do it, but it costs. Skydiving? Sure, but pricey.  You can do anything with money, but how about those of us without.  You can sit on the beach which is ugly(I have been to Hawaii and Mexico and other beautiful beaches so I might have too high of standards).  The beaches are nicer than Croatia.  The other option is the mall.  The malls are gigantic and beautiful, but after all, they are just malls.  All the same shops you can visit anywhere else on the planet, except in Dubai you get to smell disgusting incense all the time.


I did go once to swim with the dolphins and that was fantastic, but it was just a few minutes of enjoyment followed by days of disappointment.  I guess my main problem with the city is the fakeness.  I hate anything fake.  Women with makeup, people with plastic surgery, people or businesses using loans to buy nice stuff, and cities that are truly a pit but with a gold covering. Dubai is a copy of Las Vegas, and while I also hate Vegas I would much rather be there as they have gambling, a walkable strip, and free shows(the Vegas water show is a hundred times better than Dubai’s).

I will finish by saying that my New Years time was also a bore.  I went to the tallest building in the world to watch the fireworks and it was packed with people as you would expect.  I know this might sound like a dream to some people but I was bored to death.  Dubai just gives me a negative vibe and I hope never to go back.  When the oil runs out it will become to biggest ghost town in history.  I hope I live long enough to see that day.


2 thoughts on “An Overview of Dubai

  1. I miss nature. But I have fallen strangely in love with the desert since I’ve been here. I love the oranges and the yellows… and the constant sand in my soles and soul! 🙂
    I wasn’t sure I’d like it when I first moved here… But I’m beginning to love the juxtaposition of East-meets-West! 🙂

    1. Yours seems to be the common reaction to Dubai. I hate the East meets West feeling of Dubai. There is something very wrong with a giant mall in the middle of a Bedouin culture. I find Istanbul to be a much better melding of Eastern and Western cultures. Incidentally, Istanbul is one of my favorite cities. I am glad that you are happy in Dubai since it is where you are living. Everyone should be happy in their hometown.

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