San Bernardino

And yet another mass killing by a married couple. When will the USA wake up and realize the danger of these terrorists? We need to start monitoring churchs and courthouses where they congregate and hatch their evil plans. Donald Trump, use that huge mouth of yours and back me up by calling for the registration of all these evil couples. Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, help me in requiring that all married couples be same sex since these man and woman couples are so dangerous. Am I the only one able to see that our way of life and freedoms are at risk!!!!!!

Is this absurd? Of course it is, but no less absurd than blaming all Muslims for the terror attack in Paris.  I have a huge issue with the knee jerk reaction that most people have to incidents like these.  Yes, it is sad that a dozen or more innocent people died while out enjoying themselves and not hurting anybody.  But what worries me more is in the pictures of the aftermath.  The militaristic looking police officers and military vehicles on scene.  San Bernardino is not a war zone.  It is a community that has crime like everywhere else but that can be fought with normal police cars and bulletproof vests.  Belgium was the same last week.  Locking down an entire city is absurd.  Let the people go and enjoy a coffee at a cafe and watch a film.  If we keep taking away rights and being scared we lose.  The secret to terrorism is in the name, Terror!  If is frightens people it works.  If we aren’t scared and continue our daily lives as normal then it fails.

Paris and San Bernadino make no difference.  They are incidents that affect those involved greatly, but should not affect the rest of us.  Carry on enjoying your life, spend time with your loved ones, and take advantage of what your city has to offer. You may get hit by a bus tonight or be involved in a terrorist attack.  Life is full of surprises so enjoy it while you can and take what may come. But never give up your freedom for security.  There is no such thing as security.

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