Mammoth Lakes, California

Paradise on Earth exists, and Mammoth Lakes be its name.  Actually there are quite a few paradises on this globe of ours and this definitely is one of them.  L1040325

Sitting near the border of Nevada and California this area sits.  Driving in from the Nevada side does not look promising. Brush covered desert with barren rolling hills and snow capped mountains in the distance.  The one sight you will pass on your journey is a disgusting mud hole.  Here you must stop and cover yourself in therapeutic mud.  At least a salesman once convinced someone else that it was therapeutic and that belief has continued unabated to this day.  L1040328

My how the scenery changes once you enter the lakes.  Beautiful hills, pine trees, water like glass, and beautiful flowers surround you.   Take your pick of how to enjoy this pristine nature.  Row out on a lake, hike a well kept trail, sit in camp drinking a few cold ones with friends, or sun yourself behind a waterfall.  Nature is yours to do with as you please.  L1040341

Take a few days and explore.  Hike up to the top of a cliff overlooking a lake and enjoy a secluded picnic.   Go off the beaten path and find a new adventure, such as getting face to face with a bear and live to write about it.  L1040363L1040376

One day must be devoted to Devils Postpile National Monument.  An incredible natural formation of rock.  It takes a little bit of a hike from the entrance to get but everyone should go.  If you need help get somebody to carry you or crawl or hire a pack mule(Bring your own as they are not available on location). Climb on them, lay down on them, take lots of pictures and enjoy.  Do not to miss this formation.  L1040370.JPG

There is one item that impresses me that is not of nature and that is the locals.  They are a weird bunch.  I have not seen a dog groom anywhere else in the world.  L1040332

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