The End

Terminators, epidemic, nuclear war.  How would you prefer to see the world end?

The end must be near for a simple reason.  We are advancing too quickly.  Place our scientific advancements on a graph and it will be near perfectly flat up to the past fifty years.  Then it will go near vertical.  We advance in a day what used to take a hundred years.  There has to be a limit.  An end.

Advancement will not slow, that is impossible.  It can only get faster and faster and someday it will reach its limit.  Perhaps the Internet of Things and AI will combine to make Terminators.  Maybe gene splicing or CRISPR will produce an invincible bacteria.  All these advancements are happening so quickly that if problems arise we will not be able to combat them.

Perhaps I am wrong.  The end of the world gets predicted every decade, but I really don’t see how we can continue on this path, and to be honest, I’m not really sure I want to.  The human race as an experiment is a failure.  We destroy everything we touch and use emotions instead of reason. Global warming doesn’t exist because it is still cold where I live.  The Chinese are stealing our jobs(instead of the natural progression of job loss.  Sorry coal miners, your days are numbered, same as lamp lighters, butlers, and thousands of other jobs through history).  I shouldn’t have to pay for healthcare(until I or a family member gets sick or hurt and then it changes to why isn’t this free), and all the other stupid arguments the human race can throw up.  We are a selfish unthinking race and it disappoints me to try and have conversations(except with people that already have similar beliefs to me).  Maybe we are going to break off into two separate groups and evolve into different species.  If you don’t believe we evolve you are in the other group(but you should already have known that from the global warming comment earlier).

You can’t argue with stupid, they have had years of experience.  I try to remember this everyday but oh how frustrating it can be.  I try to use facts and reason and sometimes make mistakes and the wrong choices, but to be woefully ignorant and just parrot what you hear from the news or other people is unbelievable.  2017 and the world is flat! That is all the proof I need for welcoming the end of the world.

So I hope for a nuclear or biological end game.  Terminators just seem much too scary.   Nature might get in on it and throw an unexpected curve ball.  That would be fun.


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