Franklin Park- Chicago

Be extremely careful using GPS if you have a job interview in Franklin Park, Illinois.

The misses and I visited the Chicago area to see about a job opportunity for her.  We wished to see this Franklin Park area before the interview to get the vibe and feel if it felt like home.  Setting off from our hotel I type Franklin Park into the GPS and away we go.  Never having been to Chicago we put all our faith in the GPS.  We have all heard the stories of people blindly following GPS and had a laugh, but yet it is difficult not to trust it.

The view getting progressively worse as we move along.  Things aren’t on the up and up as we pass through an Hispanic neighborhood.  It isn’t too bad as it is busy and a few people are walking the streets, but it isn’t where we would choose to live.  The GPS says we are a mile from Franklin Park and we have already made our minds up not to live or work here.

Not a Starbucks to be seen

The neighborhoods continue their decline as we continue on.  Our windows go up and doors get locked.  The misses wishes to escape but I’ve come this far and want to see this Franklin Park.  Only two minutes until our destination we make a right turn and good lord we are in the ghetto.  This isn’t a joke anymore.  The streets are empty.  The buildings along the road also look empty and derelict.  Keeping my eyes focused straight ahead I go as fast as possible(damn speed bumps) to get out of here.  Off to my right I catch a glimpse of a park.  So this is Franklin PARK in Chicago, not Franklin Park the town in Illinois.  Maybe the park is beautiful, and maybe the people are amazing and some of the nicest in the world, but like all of us I judge but what I see, and I could see that we did not belong there.

Getting off that empty road that belongs more in a third world war zone and not in Americas second city we breath a sigh of relief.  If it is this bad on the West side I cannot imagine how bad it is in the South side that we always hear about in the news.  I feel sorry for those that have to live and survive in such circumstances.  Trying again with the GPS we proceed to the Franklin Park we truly wanted, which is located near O’Hare airport on the West side of the city.  Here is more our style we thought as we got out of our car and walked around.  Happy in our safe and easy life.


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