Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds is a mens leather shoe and belt company located in Wisconsin, USA.  They have a variety of dress shoes and boots, as well as matching belts.  Now I have gone for comfort over appearances my whole life, but as I am getting older I am being drawn towards the desire to dress-up a bit, but without sacrificing comfort.  Enter Allen Edmonds.

During a sale I purchased two pair of shoes and a belt.  When received(as I live overseas and had them shipped) I was disappointed to find that the shoes were too narrow and too long.  I always knew I had very wide feet but I didn’t know they weren’t as long as I thought.  All these years I have been using length to make up for lack of width in generic shoes.  These shoes would have to go back but first I inspected them and was extremely impressed with the quality.  Never before had I seen such nice shoes.  The belt was of the same quality and also fit perfectly so it quickly found a spot in my closet.

Back my shoes went with a request for replacements a half size smaller and much wider(EEE to be exact).  Allen Edmonds make there shoes in most widths, from AAA to EEE, so you can get darn near a perfect fit.  With absolutely no hassle at all I received the replacements extremely quickly.  To my dismay they were still too long.  Unbelieveable.  Back they went again and again the replacements came, half a size smaller yet again.  This time though I was a happy camper.  They wrapped my feet perfectly.  The leather was perfect(so soft and beautiful).  The craftmenship likewise perfect.  They took very little time to break-in and now stand at the ready for work.

I was so impressed that I ordered four more belts and two more pair of shoes.  All the belts were perfect but one set of boots came with a tiny but deep cut and a crease.  Some people might have sent it back but I plan on my boots being damaged from use anyway so I kept them.

So Allen Edmonds makes a fantastic product for a fair price(especially when on sale).  The shoes and belts are worlds beyond the mass produced items I have always used.  But this company goes beyond with their service.  Items are shipped quickly, returns are easy and free, shoes come with nice cloth bags to store them in, even the boxes they come in are beautiful.  But their customer service is what really sets them apart.  One set of shoes I ordered was out of stock, and it took a few days for the warehouse to pass the information on.  I received a nice personal email informing me of the fact and apologising for the delay.  They offered me my choice of shoe as a replacement for a heavy discounted price as compensation.  Of course I jumped at such a deal.  It didn’t end there though.  When my new shoes arrived(by next day air!) I found included a set of shoe trees, a bottle of leather lotion, and a hand written card explaining that these items are free gifts.  What amazing service for only being out of stock of an item!

If you need, or want, leather shoes or a belt go and get them from Allen Edmonds.  They have stores in major cities so you can get a perfect fit and not go through my tiresome trial and error. Or do use their website and browse the clearance items.  They also sell other items such as shirts, socks and leather bags.  I can speak highly of the shirts, the socks are in the mail, and a bag is soon to be ordered.

If I see you on the street in your new shoes and with a smile on your face I will give you a nod of approval.  Please extend the same courtesy to me in my new Higgins Mills.

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