Always hating the American school system where everyone is treated the same and forced to go the same speed David skipped college and started life as aircrew in the United States Air Force but quickly found it boring and left after only a year.  He moved to Dallas for a year and became a Paramedic before moving to Fairfax County, Virginia where he joined the outstanding Fairfax County Fire Department.  Again he became bored once out of training and felt like the big city might be more his style.  Quiting Fairfax he moved to the Washington D.C. Fire Department.  This move was not the advancement he had hoped for and was actually far worse than Fairfax.  After being terminated for telling a few senior Paramedics that they were incompetent David decided to travel the world.

David first moved to New Zealand where he worked as a bicycle courier in Auckland and then a chef in Mt.Cook.  He loved the islands but was not able to stay past his work visa expiration.  He next went to Iraq as a firefighter to build up his bank account but found it terrible.  The living conditions were fine and the food excellent, and some of his co-workers and soldiers outstanding, but more were annoying and the job was pointless and boring, so after a year he moved on.

While in a Reno casino he met a Polish cocktail waitress and after dating for a short time he moved to Warsaw and fell in love with the Polish culture and country.  Such a rich history.  David added Krakow, Torun, and Poznan to his list of hometowns while in this country.  He loved it all but met a Hungarian girl while on vacation in Berlin and moved to Hungary with her.  Though not his favorite country it grew on him and he enjoyed Balaton lake, Budapest, Eger, Szeged, and more.  He even found happiness in the small farming town of Csongrad.

From these home bases he traveled to see many more locations.  Russia(a terrible place), Montenegro, Finland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Cyprus(Married), Turkey(Seven times), Serbia, Croatia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Jordan, UAE, Thailand(Honeymoon), Slovakia, Slovenia(His favorite), and many more.  Four years in Saudi Arabia as a firefighter instructor for the Royal Saudi Air Force rounds out his time.

In 2018 he and his wife moved to Chicago to start a new chapter.  David now being too old to get hired as a firefighter and having no educational degree he has moved into real estate, roaming most of the neighborhoods of Chicagoland to get personal impressions and knowledge which he passes on to those looking to move to this fabulous city.

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