Rome- The Overrated City

Rome could be a fascinating city, but it has too many negative aspects that interfere with its rich history.  Let us take the Colosseum as an example.  We have all seen it in its glory in films like Gladiator.  It is a perfect and beautiful piece of architecture.  Yet when you see it in person it is an ugly ruin covered in scaffolding with beggars and thieves bothering your every step.  Perhaps CGI ruined it, or maybe the atmosphere, or just maybe it was always an ugly unimpressive ruin.

Billy and Me Colliseum.jpg

My brother and I cruised through this pit in the middle of Summer which is an awful time to be in the Mediterranean.  The air in the city is suffocating and oppressive.  Not a breeze or hint or air reaches into the ugly, congested streets of this city.  The pollution from the old and ill maintained diesel buses and two stroke scooters add very little ambiance to the situation.  In fact they may be a negative aspect.

Me on rome military acadamy.jpg

Going out to eat or drink is absurd.  Males are completely ignored by waiters while women are drooled over.  How anybody can find this city romantic is beyond my understanding.  When out in the company of women the waiters hit nonstop on the women with no regard to the men that are with them.  It does not matter if they are siblings or a married couple.  Italian men have no shame and will pursue anything available in any situation.  How the women can walk the streets alone is beyond me.  They are far braver than I or must really desire the attention.

Me overlooking Rome.jpg

It took very little time for this city to get on my nerves.  Never have I been so unhappy to be somewhere as I have when in Rome.  My feeling is so negative that I can barely recollect seeing any of the sights.  I know I have been to see the famous fountain, the Colosseum, and other sights because I have pictures, but I do not remember them.  All I remember is wanting to escape from the place.  And do not be fooled into thinking that I have given this city one chance.  Far from it.  I have been here multiple times as it is a gateway for cruises and other journeys of mine.  Each time I know that I must visit this place I get a migraine and wish to the stars that it wasn’t so.

Me in Front of Rome Military Acadamy.jpg

Why anyone would enjoy a visit to this place is beyond my understanding.  I do know that most people enjoy different experiences than I do, and that Rome is a highly rated tourist destination, but I cannot wrap my head around the why of it.  It is not just Rome that I despise.  The rest of Italy is a waste to me.  From Milan to Tuscany and Venice to Florence.  The whole country and culture is a terrible experience.  Perhaps I should of expected it all though.  The country and city that is the home to one of the most corrupt and evil establishments in the world was never bound to impress me.  I am of course referring to the Holy See.