D.C. Golfing

Golfing itself is ridiculous, as well described by the brilliant comedy of Robin Williams, so I need not decribe that aspect of the game.  Golf courses though are even more absurd, especially when placed in the middle of a desert or city.  I hate Palm Springs for hogging water to turn their ugly desert into a fake oasis, and there are hundreds of more examples.  Then there are the cities where they take up large tracts of land and unlike parks are not beautiful nor free.  Golf courses should only exist in remote, wet areas of the planet, such as Scotland.

East Potomic Golf 008.JPG
Me Trying to Figure Out How to Keep Score

I have gone golfing a few times in my 34 years on this planet.  Mostly with my grandfather but once with a friend in Washington D.C.  For being near the middle of the heavily built up and expensive capitol the fees were very reasonable.  The course itself is on an island between the Potomac River and Washington Channel in South-West D.C.

East Potomic Golf 001.JPG
Cruising in Front of the Washington Monument

The golf carried on much as golf always carries on with amateurs.  Lumps of green and brown grass flying, white rocks hooking and slicing through the air in all directions but that which is intended.  Looking through trees and ponds for lost balls and finding multiple other balls but never your own.  The awkward stares from the business men stuck behind you because they are always on the course playing instead of doing any actual business.

East Potomic Golf 002.JPG
A Huey Checking to Make Sure of Nicks Putt

Our day was a cloudless beautiful day.  Warm weather, the birds singing, the grass a fine green hue, and old white people as far as the eye could see.  I was the darkest person on the course because of my tan, but that is another story altogether.

East Potomic Golf 004.JPG
Posing as we go

The most enjoyable aspect of golfing, as everyone knows, is the golf cart.  Why they are so much fun to drive is one of the mysteries of the world.  It may be because the game itself is so boring that driving a slow top heavy cart feels exhilarating.  But no, that cannot be.  They are also a hoot to drive at resorts.  I recommend government financing to find out why golf carts are so enjoyable.

East Potomic Golf 005.JPG

This Washington D.C. golf course does have an inch up on most other courses, and that is the view.  From certain areas you can see the capitol, which is nice, though you get a much better view from the Mall and that is free and also much nicer.  Another benefit is the government helicopters always flying over.  They add a relaxing respite from the monotony of golfing.

East Potomic Golf 007.JPG
Helicopters Were the Best Part of Golfing

My friend, Nick, and I played our game all day and enjoyed ourself.  Once Nick even managed to get within a few inches of the hole from a long ways away.  I would guess maybe 500 meters.  That moment was the highlight of our day.  We even took a picture to capture the moment as it is probably rarely accomplished, even by professionals.

East Potomic Golf 010.JPG
Nicks World Famous Chip(or Whatever it is Called)

So there we are.  One day of my life I spent golfing in Washington D.C.  It left no imprint on my mind and the only way I remember any of it is through the pictures I have left.